The Benefits of TiN (Titanium Nitride) Coating for Machining Tools

Benefits of TiN (Titanium Nitride) Coating for Machining ToolsDecades ago, tool manufacturers discovered that coating machining tools with Titanium Nitride (TiN) would provide for longer lasting devices. It was found then that TiN coating is inert and will reduce friction as well as adding resistance to wear. Some of the most significant benefits of TiN coating on cutting tools for production machining include: – Increasing tool life – Improving the quality of the product’s surface – Increasing the rate of production   The TiN Coating [...]

The Coating Process: CVD v PVD

The Coating Process: CVD v PVD  So, you’ve decided that your shop could benefit from coated cutting tools, great! You’ve embarked along a valuable method of tool maintenance, one that will increase your productivity and reduce downtime. Of the many points of conversation, you will need to have with your contractor, the way in which the tools are coated are just as important. And while the shop will most likely make the choice for you, it would be beneficial to know: (1.) [...]

Coated cutting tools and their applications

Coated cutting tools and their applicationsBefore beginning a carbide cutting operation many considerations are made, like using a coated cutting tool or noncoated cutting tool and coolant. It’s well known that carbide does well with heat yet not always remembered that intense fluctuations in its thermal temperature can shock the tool or the part, impacting overall tolerance. Therefore, many manufacturers would recommend flooding your operation, at what cost though? You could be using a lot of coolants. As we mentioned [...]

Tool Coatings from TiN to AlCrN and in between

Tool Coatings from TiN to AlCrN and in betweenWhy Coatings Were Developed Innovation has been the drive behind the creation of many of our modern tools today and as those tools become more and more efficient, we tend to look at smaller pieces we can add to improve them. One of these such improvements are coatings applied to cutting tools for a variety of reasons. By adding coatings to tools, you effectively increase the life of the tools without sacrificing the [...]

A Comprehensive Guide To Pros and Cons of Carbide Tools and HSS

A Comprehensive Guide To Pros and Cons of Carbide Tools and HSSAs a shop engineer, you may already know that the difference between carbide tools and high-speed steel can make a significant difference in the quality of production and the speed at which you can turn out product. There are variances between the tolerances and effectiveness of both materials, and the difference can make a significant impact on your processes, depending on your specific machining requirements. To simplify choosing the [...]