Ball Nose Solid Carbide End Mills

Advantages: Suitable for finishing,can achieve the mirror effect.
ALTIN coating from Japan, increase surface gloss,and prolonging life.
100% quality guarantee (ISO9001)

Effective to avoid chatting ,allowing for oustanding milling performance

Work material: carbide steel, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, mould steel,etc.

100% original tungsten, without recycle parts. Wc90%, Co10%, more cobalt will make end mills more crisp

Long Life  High Precision  High Efficiency

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1. HRC45 carbide end mill: use YG25 raw material, 100% original tunsten, grain size 0.7um, Co 10%, CNx 1%.ALTIN coating with Nissin Group, coating time is about 10 hours.
2. HRC55 carbide end mill: use YL10.2 raw material, 100% original tungsten, grain size 0.6um, Co10%,suitable for process stainless steel. ALTIN coating with Nissin Group, coating time is about 10 hours.
3. HRC60 carbide end mill: use Kennametal raw material, 100% original tungsten, grain size 0.5um, Co 12%,suitable for process har

1.Range of application: use for ordinary stainless steel, ordinary mould steel, Hardened common steel, cast iron, copper, alloy
steel with high effective process. Suitable for processing material with hardness below HRC65.

2.Structure of cutting tools : The sharp cutting matched with the good hardness ,Arc relief angle makes tool better
wear-resistance, flat relief angle makes tool sharper. Cutters with two kinds of relief angle, cutting process will be faster, and
tools will be longer life. Cross-center of flute top make drilling and milling better.

3.Coating of cutting tools: ALTIN coating, adopted advanced technology and equipement of Japan, Not only has high temperature
oxidation resistance (800 °C), but also can achieve best on the condition of dry machining or high speed cutting.
Here are the specification of the our corner radius cutting tool for your reference.

4.Series of Product : Square end mill, Ball nose end mills, Corner radius cutting tools, Roughing end mill, Long neck short flute
end mill,etc. can be finish machining of products’ surface.




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