Customised Carbide End Mill

1. Special Cutting Edge: Special cutting edge can increase the cutting ability. The lifetime of tools and machines will be longer

2. Smooth And Wide Flute: Smooth and wide flute will remove the cuttings more easily

3. Heat-resistant Coating: With highly heat-resistant HELICA coating, can be used for high-speed processing

4. Bronze Coating: Under bronze coating, any abrasion is easy to be recognized

5. High Quality Raw Material: The raw material is used of high toughness, grain-sized carbon tungsten

6. Polished Surface Treatment: With high polished surface treatment, reduce the friction coefficient could be reduced, the lathe efficiency could be improved, more production time could be saved

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Raw Material:Super material is the basis of the tools. We choose the high performance material with good wear-resistance, high hardness and high toughness.

YG10X YG10.2 &WF25(Taiwan)K44 & K40 (German) H10F (Sweden)
Grain Size:0.7umGrain Size:0.6umGrain Size:0.5umGrain Size:0.5um
Co:10 %Co:10 %Co:12 %Co:10 %
Flexural strength:3320N/mm2Flexural strength:4000N/mm2Flexural strength:4300N/mm2Flexural strength:4300N/mm2


Excellent Coating:Good coating can improve tools life and production efficiency, as well as solve the cutting problems.

 Coating Process Parameters






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