Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest and most wear-resistant materials available. It is often used for die components in high volume manufacturing situations. It also used for machine parts that come in contact with very abrasive materials.

Tungsten carbide is a combination of tungsten carbide powder and a binder metal, such as cobalt or nickel, which holds the tungsten carbide powder together. By adjusting the percentage of binder metal, tungsten carbide components can be made very wear resistant but brittle or very durable but not as wear resistant.

Very smooth, polished finishes can be produced on tungsten carbide components which improves wear resistance of the component and aids significantly in metal forming applications.


Thin Film Surface Treatment Coatings

Thin film surface treatment coatings are very popular for the tungsten carbide tools in these days. The coatings offer significant increases in tool life at a low cost. Tungsten carbide is the one of the best substrates for these coatings. While Grand does not apply these coatings in house, Grand do work with all the major coating companies.

Grand has the knowledge and experience in how to best prepare parts for coating, and we also know how to polish the coating afterwards to maximise performance.



Changzhou Grand Carbide Tool Co., Ltd. has been engaging in design, production and marketing of solid carbide tools since 2009. As a professional tools manufacturer,the company has introduced Walter and Schutte of Germany, ANCA of Australia and five-shaft NC cutter grinding machines; in addition, the company is equipped with cutter automatic detector of ZOLLER and PG1000 ultra-precision multifunctional detector of EUROTECH.

The leading products of Grand are: solid carbide milling cutters and hole processing cutters, Grand also have the ability to design and produce various non-standard cutters based on the customers’ requirements. The products have been extensively used in aviation, automobile, machinery, mould, plastic, electronics, medical devices and other high precision finishing fields. Relying on the service philosophy of ‘integrity based, customer priority’ and ‘objective of  survive on quality, develop by credit’, the company can provide the customers with satisfactory products and services.

Changzhou Grand Import & Export Co.,Ltd,established in 2013,is forced on exporting the solid carbide tools to the overseas market and meanwhile importing the tool-making facilities from Germany,Swiss,Australia,etc.After years of efforts,Grand has successfully been exporting our cutting tools to U.K.,France,U.S.,Germany,Finland,Brazil,Chile,Argentina,Turkey,South Korea,Saudi Arabia etc.We have been assisting cutting tool requirements for customers in these countries since the very beginning of our business.

Grand Carbide Tool boasts 12 years of experience in manufacturing round carbide cutting tools to meet the demands of the high performance cutting tool market place. We pride ourselves in delivering our customers with top quality products and services. We want to be your supplier of high performance solid carbide drill bits, carbide end mills, and carbide tool sharpening services. We hope you will make us your partner in increasing your metal cutting productivity while reducing your costs.

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